Michael Borgers

My name is Michael Borgers and i have been living in China for more than seven years. Who would have thought that one day I have to do a driving test again ? What a pain ! Back then when I was trying to get my license there was not much material out there to get it over with. So I created the App “Drive in China” which got very popular because there were so many like me who just wanted to have a Chinese driver’s license.Meanwhile this App and also this webpage helped more than 10000 expats and locals to get a driver’s license for China. These are the latest questions and I keep optimizing the test with all the nice feedback. Thank you for that. So, if you want to pass with as little pain as possible sign up today and get it done !

Any questions ? Just contact me here.

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I wish you a relaxed study and a successful exam.

Drive safely.


Michael Borgers