Chinese driver’s license app for Android

Get your Chinese drivers license with Drive in China. Chinese driver’s license app for Android will help you pass the exam on your first try. Questions are up to the latest version and are constantly improved by user feedback from all over China for the last 5 years.

The only app with more than 1650 questions from 2018
Study for the official exam in English,German or Chinese
Already more than 10000 successfully passed exams !

The following topics are covered by the Chinese driver’s license app for Android

1.Safe driving, civilized driving basics (True/False and Multiple choice)
2.Road traffic safety laws, regulations and rules (True/False and Multiple choice)
3.Motor vehicle driving operation basics (True/False and Multiple choice)
4.Traffic signs/Police gestures (True/False and Multiple choice)
5. Traffic situations (True/False and Multiple choice)

Bonus: 89 Focus training questions (Multiple answers)

All questions are categorized into easy,medium and hard questions which you can study separately

There are 3 major training modes available

  1. Custom training: Pick the topic, filter by wrong,correct,forgotten or difficulty
  2. Final training: This training goes on until every single question has been answered correctly

Drive in China contains 4 different exam simulation modes

  1. 1.Standard exam: 100 random questions in 60 minutes, passing rate 90%
  2. Tough exam: The app monitors your progress and picks only difficult and incorrect questions
  3. Time challenge: The time will be adjusted automatically according to your average response time to prepare you for time pressure in the real test
  4. Custom exam:Adjust all the settings and create your own exam mode

Additional features for the Chinese driver’s license app for Android

– Favorites: Create a list of questions to remember
– Reports: See how you are doing with your exam statistics
– Highscores: Try to beat yourself every time
– Exam review: Get a detailed list of your mistakes after every exam
– Friendly support: Get support (depending on your timezone) within 24h
– 16 Badges, stay motivated while learning by trying to get all the badges

With this app you will pass and get you Chinese driving license !

Get it now ! This introductory versions contains a FREE HSK1 Vocabulary trainer !

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Also available on MAC,PC and IOS