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About Chinese Drivers License Test

Drive in China multiple devices

This website is all about helping you to get your Chinese Driver’s license as quickly and as easy as possible. I still remember the pain to learn all these questions (again) back in 2012 when there was no study material. This is when I decided to write theses Apps and helped thousands of fellow expats to get their license. Over the years I updated and refined the questions thanks to all your feedback. Some of the translations are still a nightmare (on purpose) because even now that is still what you can expect in the real exam.

Doing this for may years I can assure you that if you use my services you will pass the theory test – The fastest ever reported success was a student who bought the App on Saturday and passed on Monday. Still – I wouldn’t recommend it – take your time and focus on the difficult questions (I grouped them for you). Once you have memorized them you can basically guess the rest when you are in a hurry. On average people use about 2-4 weeks for preparation. So good luck and contact me if you need help – I usually respond within 24h (depending on the timezone difference).

A little bit about myself

My name is Michael and I have worked at HP and lived in China for many years (8 to be precise) after moving there from Germany. Now I am a freelancer and I love it. I gave up my 9-5 job years ago and support my life through projects like this. Many people write to me after they passed the exam want to know how to thank me. I really do appreciate a good review on one of the stores, if you like to support me further you can always get one of my products from the shop here like a shirt or enroll in my HSK1 training (using the same App, a book and detailed study material developed in cooperation with a Mandarin teacher).

Michael Borgers

I don’t want to bore you with more details about me, this site is about you passing the test. However, if you are interested you can use the social media links below the page to find out more. Now, start preparing and you will have your license in no-time. Feel free to contact me with any question.

Thanks for using my services and good luck with your exam



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