China Penalty Points – All you Need to Know

In 2013 China introduced a penalty system as part of the drivers’ license reform. Like in many other countries certain violations will be penalized with points which accumulate over time.

So let’s have a quick overview and then get into the details of how much you can “earn” for which violation.

The following violation will be punished with 12 points

Driving a motor vehicle that does not match the type of motor vehicle;
Driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol
Driving buses and school buses carrying 20% more than the authorized number of passengers
Escaping after a traffic accident that does not constitute a crime
If a motorized vehicle on a road does not have a motor vehicle license plate, or deliberately covers, defiles, or fails to install a motor vehicle number plate as required
The use of forged or altered motor vehicle number plates, driving licenses, driver’s licenses, school vehicle signs or other motor vehicle number plates or driving licenses
Reversing or driving backwards on the highway or crossing the central divider;
Driving a passenger bus and park on the highway 
Driving more than 20% of the specified speed per hour on expressways and urban expressways or driving at speeds exceeding 50% on the highways outside the expressways and urban expressways. Above, as well as driving other motor vehicles that exceed 50% of the prescribed speed;
Drivers of a medium-sized passenger vehicle or dangerous goods transport vehicle who have continuously driven more than 4 hours without a rest time of at least 20 minutes;
Failing to obtain school bus driving qualification to drive the school bus.

A total of 6 points will be awarded for the following violations

Driving a motor vehicle while a motor vehicle driving license is temporarily detained
Driving motor vehicles in violation of road traffic lights
If the number of people driving a passenger bus (excluding buses) or school buses exceeds the authorized number is less than 20%, or if the number of passenger cars carrying other passenger vehicles exceeds 20% of the authorized number;
Driving passenger vehicles, school buses and dangerous goods transport vehicles carrying passengers of medium-size or higher speeds exceeding the prescribed speed limit of less than 20% on highways and urban expressways;
Driving more than 20% of the prescribed speeds of passenger vehicles, school buses and dangerous goods transport vehicles on roads other than expressways or urban expressways, or driving other motor vehicles that have exceeded 50% of the speed limit;
Driving a vehicle carrying more than 30% of the authorized load or carrying passengers in violation of the regulations;
Driving a motor vehicle other than a passenger bus to park in a freeway lane
Driving a motor vehicle illegally occupying an emergency lane on a freeway or a city expressway;
The driving motor vehicle does not follow the regulations on the expressway under low-visibility meteorological conditions
The driving of a motorized vehicle to carry an indiscernible article that exceeds the limit has not been carried out in accordance with the specified time, route, or speed, or no obvious sign has been hoisted;
Driving motor vehicles carrying explosives, flammable and explosive chemicals, and dangerous substances such as highly toxic and radioactive substances that do not follow the designated time, route, or speed, or do not have warning signs and take necessary safety measures;
Substituting the motor vehicle driver’s license with concealment or deception;
Motor vehicles other than passenger cars and dangerous goods vehicles that have been continuously driven by medium-sized or more vehicles for more than 4 hours are not allowed to rest or rest for less than 20 minutes;
Driving motor vehicles and do not avoid school buses as required.

For these violations the driver will receive 3 points

Passengers carrying passengers (excluding buses) and passenger cars other than school buses carrying more than 20% of the authorized passengers;
Driving a passenger vehicle or passenger transport vehicle carrying hazardous cargo above the medium-size or less than 20% per hour on a road other than a highway or urban expressway or driving other motor vehicles;
If the number of goods carried by trucks exceeds the authorized load, the quality is less than 30%;
Driving a motorized vehicle on a freeway below a prescribed minimum speed
Driving a motor vehicle that is prohibited from entering the expressway into the expressway;
Driving a motorized vehicle that does not follow the prescribed lane on the expressway or on the urban expressway;
Driving a motorized vehicle to cross a pedestrian crossing and do not slow down, stop or avoid pedestrians as required;
Driving a motor vehicle to violate the prohibition mark or prohibit the marking line;
If the driving motor vehicle fails to pass, give way or reverse direction according to regulations;
Driving a motor vehicle to pull a trailer in violation of regulations;
After the vehicle on the road fails or is parked, the light and warning signs are not used as specified;
Motor vehicles travelling on the road do not perform safety technical inspections on a regular basis as required.

The driver will receive 2 points for the following violations

Driving motor vehicles at the crossroads without driving or parking according to regulations
Driving motor vehicles have the ability to make and receive telephone calls and other actions that hinder safe driving;
Driving a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet;
When the motorized vehicle is driving on an expressway or on a fast urban road, the driver is not wearing a safety belt as prescribed;
Driving a motor vehicle in front of a lined up vehicle or parking at a slow speed, taking a passing car or occupying an opposite driveway and interspersed waiting for a vehicle;
Failing to equip the school bus with safety equipment or failing to maintain the school bus in accordance with the regulations;
Driving a school bus to carry students, failing to place a school bus sign, opening a school bus sign light, or failing to follow a route that has been verified through examination;
The students on the school bus and on the school bus stop at the stop of the school bus;
The school bus has not carried the students on the road and used school bus signs, school bus lights and parking signs;
Before driving a school bus on a road, it is not checked whether the school vehicle’s vehicle condition meets the safety technical requirements, or whether it is driving on a school bus with a hidden safety hazard;
Refuel the vehicle when the school bus carries the student, or leave the driver’s seat before the engine of the school bus is turned off

And finally violations worth 1 point

Driving motor vehicles that do not use light in accordance with regulations
Driving motor vehicles that do not meet the rules
The length, width and height of the goods carried by the driving motor vehicle exceed the requirements
The motor vehicle on the road does not place the inspection or insurance mark at a visible spot or the driver does not carry the driving permit or motor vehicle driving license with him/her

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