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Chinese drivers license question and answers

Questions and answers

How many questions are out there?

The total number is not known. There was an initial set of about 900 questions after the change in 2013. But an additional question bank was added in 2015 and meanwhile, there are more than 1600 questions. Since 2013 the public bureau does not publish the translations for foreigners anymore.

Are the questions the same as in the exam?

No, the questions are translated from the original Chinese version. A lot of positive feedback ensures they come close to the real exam questions.

Why are some of the translations so terrible?

The questions have been translated into English and German from the Chinese original by native speakers with acceptable English proficiency. For a while I tried to adjust them but user feedback showed that the “bad” version comes much closer to the real deal.

Can I use the website from within China?

Of course, to avoid slow loading speed I did not include any sharing buttons because they usually slow down websites behind the great firewall since they access Facebook and Twitter behind the scenes. Still, I would be happy if you share this with all your friends. If you still experience slow loading contact me! In case you consider buying a VPN (which I always recommend even to people who are not living in China) I strongly recommend Express VPN which I use for more than 8 years now on all my devices. After trying several others I found that they are most reliable, fast and have servers everywhere.

Why shouldn’t I just take a free version from the internet?

Basically, you can but this website and the IOS App has by far the biggest question bank and an excellent reputation. The questions are currently updated with user feedback from the community. So for a relatively small fee which helps me to maintain this service you get a passing guarantee and your money back no questions asked if you are not happy.

Why is the online version so expensive compared to the App?

The question here should be: Why is the IOS App so cheap… Maintaining a website costs monthly fees and a lot of time and for a reason, I could never figure out is that an IOS App which is not a game is perceived expensive when it is more than 1.99 through the development is much more complex than a website. I might raise the price soon.

Why does the online version expire?

Unfortunately, this is something I needed to do after some users handed their credentials over to friends and reused the same account multiple times. This is unfortunate for the honest users but for now, I see no other way.

How much do I have to study?

According to user experiences you can guess 1300 of the 1400 questions. Around 100 questions which deal with numbers and penalty points are difficult. Because they are different from your home country you should pay attention to those questions.

How long do I need to study and which plan should I choose?

The fastest “I Passed thank you” feedback I ever got was 3 days, an “intensive study weekend”. Many of us have a job and a family and no time to do a full three-day study and the “Speed” subscription. So for the average learner, the “Standard” membership is enough and sufficient. If you have little time or no time or just don’t want to add more stress to your daily life use the “Relaxed” version because it has the special training to focus only on the difficult parts. I myself took my time and after 30 days preparation, I was in and out in 20 minutes with 96 %!

Can I get a discount? The exam is already punishment enough!

From time to time I have special offers (like for Chinese new year) so if you can wait just subscribe to the newsletter below. Apart from that, I think 10 dollar is ok for hundreds of hours of work and a passing guarantee.

Any questions and answers missing? Use the comments below or contact me here.

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