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Get your Chinese driver's license

All the latest exam questions conveniently in 1 App – Available on all platforms.

Get your license fast

These exam preparations helped tens of thousands of ex-pats and locals to get their Chinese driver's license

Save study time

Detailed analytics and training monitoring helps you save study time.

Passing guarantee

Proven test questions will get you your license on the first try


  • All the latest questions from 2021
  • 10 Topic categories
  • 6 logical categories (Easy, Normal, Hard, Favorites, All, and Multiple Answers)
  • Most difficult questions in one group
  • Tests adapt to your progress
  • Exam simulation
  • Updated and maintained with the help of customer feedback
  • Constant monitoring

Officially recommended

by the traffic office in Shanghai

What others say about the Chinese driver's license test

Excellent App! Very customizable. I’d like the option to go back to previous Exams, though (having just ‘clicked out’ of a practice Exam by mistake without reviewing my answers).
Don’t know what I would have done without this fantastic app – paperwork is in order and taking the test tomorrow, hoping for the best!
Hello, just passed my exam. I used this app to prepare and it was very helpful. Great interface available in different languages and difficulty categories for questions.


Do you also sell single Apps?

Yes, all single Apps are available in the corresponding store of your device (MAC Store, Google Play, Windows store). You can find the direct links on the bottom of the shop page.

I don't have PayPal, What can I do?

You actually don’t need to sign up with PayPal, they allow guest payments and accept all major credit cards. However I also accept Alipay and WeChat. When you pay with Alipay you might try to change the currency to CNY.

What else do I need to pass the test?

The questions and training methods of the App will help you pass on your first try. Focus on the group with the difficult questions and practice for a couple of days – that’s all you need. I would recommend to read the blog posts I have written below to get an overview. 

Why do I have to pay extra for different devices?

Maintaining, uploading and programming for 4 different system takes a lot of time and effort so to cover my costs I charge for every device separately. I recommend you get a device bundle.

What is the HSK1 addon you are offering?

This package gives you all you need for your start in China. It includes a ebook (A course with all the HSK1 vocabulary and audio), full access to my training App including audio spoken by a native Chinese woman and real exam simulation. All the material was created with a native Chinese professional.

Why should I buy your App and not use the free versions from the internet?

I do this already for a long time and helped and helped thousands of students to get their driver’s license. Nothing beats experience and the help of the community.

Can I have a PDF version of the exam questions?

I sold PDF versions of the Chinese driver’s license a couple of years ago but people started to resell and share this without my permission so I stopped doing that.

Can I try the Chinese Driver's License before I buy?

Of course, all the Apps from the stores can be downloaded for free and have a trial version (links below). When you want to take a look at the questions you can try them directly here on the website.

I need the Android version but cannot access Google Play. What can I do?

If you are in China and Google Play does not work the only way to get the Android version is to use a VPN service. I have tested 2 (ExpressVPN and NordVPN) and they both work great with the App. You should check them out since they often have special offers and promotions.

Avast Virus scanner says the Windows version is malicious. What can I do?

You need to allow the App to be installed. I guarantee 100% that the software is virus free.

Try it out for free




Windows 64 bit

If you are in China and Google Play does not work you can get the official Android version by using a VPN service. I have tested 2 (ExpressVPN and NordVPN) and they both work great with the App. You should check them out since they often have special offers and promotions.

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